Are you incorporating all of your true costs into your pricing model?

Are you incorporating all of your true costs into your pricing model?

We at ESCO Advisors are committed to helping you succeed in the Retail Energy Industry. One of the most important factors in the success of your business is the ability to Rapidly provide Consistent and Accurate pricing.

Our time-tested electric pricing model is based on the simple concept of knowing ALL your costs, and then adding in your desired margin. This ensures that every contract you sign will keep you in the money.

The ESCO Advisors Electric Pricing Model is easy to learn and simple to use. It enables you to create both rack-rate and custom fixed-price products on demand.  The model is distributed daily to designated client personnel and includes the prior business day’s closing energy and capacity prices. We do all the work to maintain the relevant data necessary to price your products accurately.

Improvement suggestions are welcomed and we will revise the price model according to client specifications as requested.

ESCO Advisors maintains your cost components including, but not limited to:

  • Utility tariff information, including associations for ISO, zone(s), energy prices, capacity prices, ancillary service costs, network integration transmission services, and renewable energy certificates.

  • Utility rate schedule table, including load profile associations, ICAP/UCAP/PLC, line loss rates and UFE, POR rates, consolidated billing charge, and TDU charges.

  • Standard offer (default) service rates.

  • Price curve marks, and other pricing services.

  • Basis marks for prices not tracked by Price Curves.

  • Database of renewable energy certificate costs and compliance information.

  • ISO cost data, including capacity, NITS, operating reserves, ARR/CRR credits and ancillary services.

  • Single-retailer, bundled TDU charges (Texas-only); and Load profiles and load shaping premiums.    


Optional Services


  • Making volume estimates based on customer equipment information; in-house climatologist makes estimates of load when only engineering data is available.

  • Performing special analysis of interval data for clients.

  • RFP reviews and response assistance.

  • Analysis of EDC procurement practices, default service offerings and headroom.

  • Custom full pricing desk services.


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