Analytics and Intelligence Platform

ESCOWare's Advanced Energy Analytics & Intelligence Platform

Energy Analysis can be daunting.  Critical data is all over the place, it exists in files, databases, and websites.  The challenge of COLLECTING, ORGANIZING, STORING, MAPPING, CLEANING and CRUNCHING that information is a labor intensive and error-prone full-time endeavor.  You and your team have to do all of these tasks EVERY DAY, before you even have the opportunity to visualize and interpret that information.


The ESCOWare® Analytics and Intelligence platform is designed to make your life easier, putting your information at your fingertips.  The visualizations and reports provide you the information you  need, when you need it, enabling you to make critical business decisions.  The chart below represents just a few of the applications that our clients have used the platform for.  If you find yourself data-challenged, call or visit ESCO Advisors today:


ESCOWare Advanced Energy AnalyticsDOWNLOAD: Click the icon to the left to download the digital PDF data sheet to learn more about the ESCOWare® Analytics & Intelligence Platform.


Analytics and intelligence Platform