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If you had ESCOWare's PJM Settlements... You'd be done by now.

Save time with ESCOWare’s PJM Settlements:


  • Access and retrieve all your PJM data in one central location.

  • Aggregation of various data components to a simple logical format

  • Archive & recall settlement data at the click of a button

  • Verify your charges

  • Dispute erroneous charges quickly

  • Evaluate your monthly profits daily

  • Streamline & Archive your historical data results

  • State of the art scraping tools offer superior accuracy over older legacy settlement systems

  • User friendly interface

  • Increase functionality of the data for multi-uses

Click here to download a full list of PJM reports that can be retrieved upon your request.

Adobe Metrics PJM

Let us do the heavy lifting for you...

We retrieve the following reports for each of your sub-accounts:


  • DA Daily Energy Transactions

  • Load In Schedule With and Without Losses

  • Locational Reliability Charge Summary

  • Network ARR Target Credit Summary

  • NITS Charge Summary

  • Operating Reserve Charge Summary

  • Operating Reserve Deviation Summary

  • Reactive Charge Summary

  • Reactive Services Charge Summary

  • Regulation Summary

  • RT Daily Energy Transactions

  • Synchronized Reserve Tier 1 Charge Summary

  • Synchronized Reserve Tier 2 Charge Summary

  • Synchronous Condensing Charge Summary

  • Transmission Enhancement Charge Summary

  • Transmission Enhancement Credit Summary

  • Weekly Month-to-Date Bill - CSV and XML

We then organize, clean, store and calculate the following settlements dashboards:


  • Settlements Summary

  • Settlements Daily

  • Settlements Daily Prices

  • Settlements Gross Margin Summary

  • ISO Invoice Voucher




Simply provide us with the PJM login credentials for each of your sub accounts and we’ll do the rest!

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Irv Lebovics:  203-456-1833

David Garcia: 405-249-6662