You are forced to:

  • Manage utilities & pipelines

  • Keep track of storage and capacity

  • Coordinate and optimize across multiple markets through multiple cycles

  • Be aware of cut notices

  • Avoid penalties

  • Collaborate with primitive tools such as email, spreadsheets, and instant messenger apps

  • Manage commodity trades and costs

Esco Ware

These challenges require an inordinate amount of manpower and costs. You are constantly reacting and adjusting. You can’t seem to get in front of it. It’s easy to make costly mistakes.

Did we nominate too much or too little? Did we source our gas optimally? You’re never quite sure… Until Now...

Simplify Your Natural Gas Operations

What is ESCOWare® PipeOps?

It’s a web-based software platform, designed from the bottom-up, with your daily gas challenges in mind. Its purpose is to simplify your life, to ease collaboration, and to bring your gas operations to the next level. No longer will you have to wrestle with a tangled web of spreadsheets, hoping that everything is in-sync. Gone is the linear correlation between pipelines / utilites and personnel. PipeOps is the solution for the daily mayhem that is gas operations.

Organize & Manage

  • Move Management

  • Bulk Deal Import

  • Swaps / Basic Contracts

  • Nominations Ledger

  • Storage Management & Balancing

  • Manage Active Pipelines

  • Storage Contract Management with Ratchets

  • Capacity Management  — Buy, Sell, Release

  • Covenant Management (Financial & Risk Policies)

  • Inventory Management - Unutilized supply, capacity and storage

  • Save Time

  • Reduce Errors

  • Collaborate Effectively

  • Reduce Risk of Penalty

  • Minimize Data Entry

  • No Broken Macros

  • Minimize Overhead

  • Improve Scalability

Analyze & Report

  • Financial Position Reporting
         — NYMEX Positions

  • Basis Position Reporting

  • Capacity, Storage and Pipeline Position Reporting

  • Imbalance Forecasting & Reporting

  • Nominations, Positions & Back-casts

  • Know where you stand in real-time

  • Gain Visibility to All Assets

  • Facilitates Optimization

  • Assures Financial Compliance

  • And Much More

Forecast & Hedge

  • Short Term & Long Term Load Forecast

  • What-If Scenarios

  • Extreme Weather

  • Multi-Weather Station Forecast

  • Revenue Forecast


  • Supply Management

  • Be Proactive

  • Predict Utility Inaccuracy
        — Keep LDCs Honest
        — Dispute DDRs or

  • Optimize Profit by Hedging

  • Enable Long-Term Planning

What's Next:

Version 2.0:


  • Pipleine Nomination Automation Via EDI.

  • Risk Analysis – Value at Risk (VaR), Earnings at
    Risk (EaR), Daily Earnings at Risk (DEaR)

  • Financial Reporting – Profit & Loss, Unbilled Revenue, WACOG, Margin, Value in Storage (ViS) and Much Much More!

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The Future:

Visualize & Optimize

  • Interactive Mapping to view position, capacity, storage, price, outages, OFO, etc., all in one view.

  • Pipeline Optimization Engine – Will calculate the best location to purchase your net position based on capacity, price, fuel loss, and pipeline availability.


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