• ESCO Advisors shall prepare and analyze the Company’s hedged position for each market and congestion zone, and determine if additional supply hedges should be purchased or sold to re-balance the portfolio.

  • ESCO Advisors shall conduct a call with the Company describing its forward forecast, supply and hedge position, risk compliance limitations, and recommendations to maintain/enhance compliance with policies and procedures.

  • ESCO Advisors shall be placed on the Risk Management Oversight Committee (RMOC) and shall participate as a non-voting member of the RMOC, and shall participate in periodic meetings of the Risk Management Oversight Committee; present findings and discuss.

  • ESCO Advisors shall be available for periodic consultation with the Company on various matters pertaining to hedging and risk management.

  • ESCO Advisors shall analyze the company’s Capacity position, if needed for hedging purposes, and shall recommend purchases of capacity in auctions or bilaterally to satisfy the need.

  • ESCO Advisors shall analyze the Company’s REC compliance position on a state-by-state basis to determine what is necessary for the Company to maintain compliance with various state RPS laws and regulations.

  • ESCO Advisors shall conduct a seasonal planning session with the Company to discuss its position going into the summer and winter seasons; Consultant shall use the DFS extreme weather analysis to stress the Company’s portfolio to determine what may be necessary during the upcoming season should there be extreme weather.

  • If the Company selects the optional procurement services, then ESCO Advisors shall review the risk position each business day, and set forth trades to re-balance the energy portfolio in accordance with the then-effective risk policies and procedures.   Trades shall be submitted to various counterparties, and shall be executed as needed. Trades shall be entered into the DFS supply trade log.

  • If the Company selects the optional accounting services, then ESCO Advisors  shall make a calculation each month of the volume and dollar amount of unbilled revenue in the Company’s books; and obtain the billing analysis of the Company and prepare a statement of sources and application of Power report, showing ISO costs, net revenues of the company, including unbilled revenues, and gross margin.

  • ESCO Advisors will summarize weekly scheduling activity, including bilateral supply, spot/LMP purchases and sales.

  • ESCO Advisors will obtain initial actual settlement values (energy volumes, settlement amounts, DAM and RTM prices) via ISO tools to facilitate reporting and analysis.

  • ESCO Advisors will obtain final actual (60-day, 90-day, or 120-day) settlement values (energy volumes, settlement amounts, DAM and RTM prices) via ISO tools to facilitate reporting and analysis.

  • ESCO Advisors will implement abbreviated evaluation and scheduling procedures on each weekend and holiday during the summer and winter seasons, and submit changes to demand bids/offers and/or schedules when they deviate substantially from those previously submitted.For this purpose, the summer season begins on Memorial Day weekend, and ends on Labor Day weekend, and the winter season begins on the last weekend in December, and ends on the last weekend in March.

  • Company must notify Consultant in writing at least ten (10) days prior to a change in any scheduling parameter.



  • Risk Management Policies and Procedures documents.

  • Credit Policies, if applicable.

  • Hedge analysis and recommendations.

  • Capacity analysis and recommendations.

  • REC analysis and recommendations.

  • Seasonal Planning meeting notes, charts and recommendations.

  • FERC EQR optional service.



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ESCO Advisors will provide the operational services necessary for the successful operations and management of Company’s aggregation pools for the utility service area(s) in which the Company operates. Below is a list of the services ESCO Advisors will provide:   

  • Calculate the daily and monthly quantities needed per each local distribution company along the specific pipelines   

  • Consult on various pricing strategies in order to ensure lowest possible delivered cost

  • Provide daily / monthly nominations and / or balancing per the rules and regulations set by the various interstate / intrastate pipelines

  • Provide daily / monthly nominations and / or balancing per the rules and regulations set by the various local distribution companies

  • Recommend Purchase / Sale of additional supply, storage, and / or pipeline capacity to ensure daily / monthly utility requirements are fulfilled

  • Introduce potential supply options to diversify Company’s supply portfolio

  • Provide all necessary paperwork including forms and agreements that maybe required by pipelines, aggregation pools, local distribution companies, suppliers, etc.

  • Reconcile all daily / monthly volumes provided by suppliers, pipelines, aggregation pools, local distribution companies, etc.

  • Reconcile all invoices provided by suppliers, pipelines, aggregation pools, local distribution companies, etc.

  • Provide daily and monthly reports identifying various supply pricing, supply consumption, storage volume, etc. as specified by the various pipeline / local distribution companies

  • Provide monthly reallocation of volumes if required by suppliers, pipelines, aggregation pools, local distribution companies, etc.

  • Provide monthly pool, city gate, and pipeline cost calculations to ensure that all costs are captured and Company is aware of the various components included in each of your monthly invoices by the various parties

  • Calculate and monitor storage volume and ratchet levels as provided by the applicable local distribution companies     

  • Consult on the optimization of assets (physical/financial hedges, interstate / intrastate pipeline capacity, storage, etc.).



  • Maintain various source tables on a scheduled basis as follows:

  • Electric utility information table, including associations for ISO, zone(s), energy prices, capacity prices, ancillary service costs, network integration transmission services, and renewable energy certificates;

  • Utility rate schedule table, including load profile associations, ICAP/UCAP/PLC, line loss rates and UFE, POR rates, consolidated billing charge, and TDU charges;

  • Standard offer (default) service rates;

  • ICE price marks, and other pricing service price marks;

  • Basis marks for prices not tracked by ICE;

  • Database of renewable energy certificate costs and compliance information;

  • ISO cost data, including capacity, NITS, operating reserves, ARR/CRR credits and ancillary services;

  • Single-retailer, bundled TDU charges (Texas-only); and

  • Load profiles and load shaping premiums.

  • Daily download and distribute the electric price model to designated client personnel based on the prior business day’s closing energy and capacity prices.

  • Aggregate improvement suggestions and revise the price model according to client specifications as requested.

  • Optional service making volume estimates based on customer equipment information; in-house climatologist makes estimates of load when only engineering data is available.

  • Optional service performing special analysis of interval data for clients.

  • Optional service RFP reviews and response assistance.     

  • Optional service analysis of EDC procurement practices, default service offerings and headroom.

  • Optional service to run a client’s pricing desk.





  • Analysis of wholesale energy block prices

  • Analysis of ICAP, UCAP, NITS prices

  • Analysis of ancillary service costs

  • Analysis of line losses and UFE

  • Analysis of load shaping costs

  • Analysis of renewable energy costs

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