Introducing Broker360º... A new broker software solution designed specifically for energy brokers and sales reps who need greater visibility of their enrollments and commissions.

The Broker360º solution submits deals for enrollment and gives status and commission updates. Unlike other systems that are a disconnected process, Broker360º connects the broker to the supplier for a seamless sales journey and visibility of your projected and actual commissions. 

Energy Sign-Ups Made Simple.

  • Real-Time Competitive Pricing
  • Easily Track Payments & Commissions
  • Contract Automation with Digital Signing
  • Renewal Management
  • Integrated CRM
  • Custom Branded Price-To-Compare Websites
  • Access & Connect with More Energy Suppliers
  • Win More Profitable Deals with Less Manual Effort



"Using the POWWR Broker CRM has enabled me to significantly speed-up the cost comparison process and benefit from far greater efficiency when it comes to the sales-cycle. The pricing tools enable me to shortlist suitable tariff options in just a few clicks, as well as carry out a very simple DocuSign process to seal the deal." - James Baker | Head of Energy at Focus Energy


"We found the perfect fit for our business needs."  David Peake, Director, Assured Energy

"Well worth the money, and backed up by an excellent team!"  Mark Crozier, Director, Utility Works

"POWWR’s Broker360 platform is a great asset for Ideal Energy.  Having a centralized source for our most pertinent data has allowed us to free up management that can be refocused on growing the front of our business. POWWR has helped us button up our operation and make us run more efficiently.  I definitely recommend Broker360 to anyone selling in the retail energy industry.” — Cody O’Connor, Director of Sales/Founder, Ideal Energy




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