Probabilistic Forecast:
A better way to avoid costly errors in the day ahead markets

Now use historic weather variables based on weather forecast and develop detailed weather deltas.  Overlap delta's on current short term forecast to get expected weather delta distribution.

  • •  Base your decisions on quantifiable data.
  • •  Have greater confidence during an extreme weather event.
  • •  A complete and seamless package with either your weather responsive forecast, our extreme weather scenario forecast, and/or our new probabilistic load forecast.

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“...I found the [Risk360] platform... to be a highly valuable system for any organization. I would highly recommend making it a priority to see a demo of this comprehensive solution.”
— Andrew Coppola, Former SVP with
Xoom Energy


"In our short time using POWWR, I have found it to be a useful tool for load forecasting as well as settlements reconciliation.”
— Anwar Rohan, VP,
Griddy Energy

“Titan Gas and Power has been a satisfied POWWR customer for over six years. We've incorporated their software and services in both our Electric and Natural Gas businesses. I recommend their software and services to any other energy retailers.”
— Rob Moss, CCO, CleanSky Energy


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